Dream Catcher Artists

Northern Nights Dreamcatchers Leather-wrapped American Indian dreamcatchers made by a Cree woman.

Core Designs Dreamcatchers This Ojibway man decorates his dreamcatchers with totem animals and small stones, a common modern tradition.

North American Indian Dream Catchers These Cree dreamcatchers are a good example of the tear-shaped wooden frame style. The additional feathers around the base are this artist’s personal design.

Navajo Dream-Catchers Navajo Indian dreamcatchers wrapped in colored leather, also featuring tied stones.

Pueblo Southwest Dreamcatchers Another Navajo artist’s dream catchers–you can also buy an old-fashioned Navajo cradleboard here.

Navajo Works Dreamcatchers Thong-wrapped dreamcatchers and cloth dolls from a Navajo family’s craft shop.