What are Dreams?

Dreams, remembered, are an experience all on their own. They may bring on the sense of images, sounds, smells, and many other sensations. During sleep, the mind may often bring reality into your dreams. Dreams bring on emotions that can be light or strong, upsetting or exciting. Some dreams we never want to end and some dreams we are just wishing we could wake up, “It was only a dream”.

Most of the time we do not have control over our dreams, but there are dreams that we are capable of controlling or changing. These dreams are considered Lucid Dreams. Lucid dreams are when we are aware of our dream and can change the reality of it and various aspects of it.

It is believed that dreams are connected with REM sleep, that state in which we are asleep, but at the most wakefulness. During this time, dreams are more likely to be remembered. It is said that a typical human will dream on average, 2 hours a night, 6 total years of a life.