Dream Catcher Ritual Ceremony

There are many ways to celebrate a dream catcher. It is suggested that you initiate your dream catcher through a ritual ceremony. Rituals have great meaning and can put your mind and thoughts into action. Your dream catcher can become one with your feelings and perform the way you want it to.

Once you have decided where to hang your dream catcher, it is time to perform the ceremony that will enable it to work properly in your home or living space.

It is suggested that for the ceremony sage is lit and its smoke is used to cleanse the house. With the sage letting out its smoke, offer up a prayer for your dream catcher and what you wish for it to bless your home. Become one with the dream catcher and allow yourself to visualize what the dream catcher is there to protect. End your ceremony by thanking your dream catcher and feel it ready to bless your home.

You are ready to place your dream catcher in the chose spot to hang over and protect your home, family, or thoughts. You may choose to celebrate your dream catcher in this way or through other ways by your own choosing. There is an ancient ritual of the dream catcher called, Smudging. This is a powerful way to initiate and bless your dream catcher. However you choose to perform your ceremony of hanging a dream catcher, make sure you are one with it so it may work the best for you.