Dreamcatchers and Dreams

A Dreamcatcher is an amazing tool that helps us remember our dreams and work through them. Even though it is a beautiful piece of art, it is more than something to hang on a wall. The center of the dream catcher helps to determine what is passed through and what is received. This can decide what life changes could happen.

It can be very important where you hang your dream catcher, as it needs to be near you when you sleep. It may be placed on the wall above you, on a bedpost, or the nightstand lamp that is near you. If your dreams are becoming heavy or too active, simply take a small break from your dream catcher by laying down flat in an inactive state. When you are ready again, place it back in its hanging position.

When choosing a dream catcher that is right for you, make sure it has meaning and importance. You may want a large one to catch more dreams that are unwanted, you may want a small one as to not interfere too much with the flow of your dreams. There are many items that can be added to your dreamcatcher. There are beads, feathers, or charms. They are not always necessary in the motion of your dreams and some say they can interfere with your dream flow, but they do show off what is important to you.

Every culture, person, and throughout history, dreams have been put in an important place. They are a force that is powerful and important in the lives of many people. There can be meanings found in them and can give people ideas and purpose. Dreams do come in the form of confusion, that can be interpreted as bad or good. But the dreamer is the one who needs to find this out for oneself.

In the Ojibwe Indian tribe, some children were not given names until it was dreamed what it would be. A designated person, known as a namer, would have night visions or dreams that would know from that dream what the child would be named. A charm, woven like a spider’s web, would be given by the “namer” that would help protect the baby and its dreams. Thus came the dreamcatcher, protecting someone from the bad dreams they may receive at night, only to be perished at the first morning sunlight.