Hanging Your Dream Catcher

Where you hang your dream catcher can have a great effect on the catching of dreams. It is important that you choose a place where the dream catcher can do its work.

Walk through your house, or space that you have chosen to hang your dream catcher. Visualize how this dream catcher is going to work for you. Ask yourself some questions about the purpose of this dream catcher.

-Should it be by a window to catch sun rays?

-Do you want it to act as a filtering system, by hanging over a television, music system, or computer? This may help for only positive energy to pass through the dream catcher for your family.

-Do you want it to hang over the bed of a loved one? It can bless peace and joy to those who sleep under the dream catcher.

When you have chosen the place for the dream catcher to reside, you may want to hold a ceremony for hanging the dream catcher in your home. This can provide a calm and peace as you know that it is hung in the best place possible for your home to receive the energy of the dream catcher.