Dream Catcher Artists

Northern Nights Dreamcatchers Leather-wrapped American Indian dreamcatchers made by a Cree woman. Core Designs Dreamcatchers This Ojibway man decorates his dreamcatchers with totem animals and small stones, a common modern tradition. North American Indian Dream Catchers These Cree dreamcatchers are

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What are Dreams?

Dreams, remembered, are an experience all on their own. They may bring on the sense of images, sounds, smells, and many other sensations. During sleep, the mind may often bring reality into your dreams. Dreams bring on emotions that can

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What is a Dream Catcher?

Dream catchers are arts and crafts of the Native American people. The original web dream catcher of the Ojibwa was intended to teach natural wisdom. Nature is a profound teacher. Dream catchers of twigs, sinew, and feathers have been woven

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